Chicken Pizzaiola

I have been craving some sort of chicken dish with peas that was baked in a casserole dish. Don't ask me why, but if it wasn't baked in the oven all bubbly and hot in a clear Pyrex dish, it wasn't going to cut it. 

I have the most random cravings.

My internet search led me to this new recipe!

I think just the name sounds appetizing right???

As always, I take a recipe as inspiration and make it my own. You can see the basic recipe here and then I made a few adjustments.

I used fresh garden tomatoes, used lots of garlic and added the peas. It was served over brown rice.

I need to convince Ben somehow to cook for me more. We have been some lazy bums in the kitchen lately. Basically if we can't make it in 20 mins or less (and usually more like 10 mins or less) then we aren't interested and end up eating the most random things. 

Maybe it's summer, or the fact that I have been cooking for everyone else all summer, but I have zero desire to cook anything in the kitchen lately. It seems so exhausting to me.

Ha, just sounds uber lazy right? ;)